Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is why you should listen to mom, Episode 2

I almost managed to maim all three of my kids in about a 25 minute timespan last night. It was horrible!! And no it was NOT on purpose, if it had been there wouldn't be any almost to it. I kid, I kid. Anyway, it happened something like this. The details may be a bit hazy because I think I have some brain damage from the high levels of stress hormones I experienced in such a short time.
So, Elli is on the floor on a blanket playing and CJ and Lexi are in the backyard. CJ comes in and sees Elli's little play mirror and starts to take it outside. I stop him because it's the baby's toy and so he puts it down on the blanket with Elli. Well, I didn't see that he had somehow managed to prop it standing up between her neck and the floor. She's laying on her tummy doing the mini push-up thingy that babies do so when she tries to lay her head down the toy jabs her in the throat. Now if you've ever been hit in the windpipe, you know it hurts like the dickens. She starts screaming which if you know Elli she doesn't scream or hardly cry anyway so I knew she was hurt. I start nursing her and get her calmed down.

(Elli with the offending mirror)

Fast forward about 5 minutes and I hear this strange noise coming from outside. I get up and look and it is Lexi throwing a rock the size of a grapefruit (she must be freakishly strong, that's a big rock for a 3 year old!) on the slide and it's bouncing/sliding down the slide and CJ is at the top of the slide. I yell at them to stop playing with rocks, that they are going to get hurt, blah blah blah. They stop and then almost immediately after Lexi picks up a rock the size of a lime and starts chasing CJ with it. I yell at them to stop, CJ stops but Lexi doesn't and runs right into CJ. They smacked heads and CJ gets a bloody nose. Oh wonderful. I get him in the house and cleaned up and the bleeding stopped. They go back outside.

(CJ pointing to where he got hurt, thankfully there isn't any blood in this picture, yuck)

I check on them after a few minutes and notice they have their shoes off. I tell them to put their shoes on or come inside. They put their shoes on and I go inside. I go in my room and can hear that they are over on the side of the yard where the big garbage cans are. I tell them through the window to get away from the trash cans and immediately hear a crash and Lexi screaming. I run outside and she is already halfway to the door. We have a few gardening bricks stacked on that side and that is what fell. Well, Lexi of course did NOT listen to me and had taken her shoes back off and yep, you guessed it, the brick landed on her foot. Her big toe is pretty black and a little swollen. I was afraid she had broken the toe but she can move it and walk on it so hopefully we are okay, but I'm sure her nail will come off.

(Lexi's toe, ouch that looks like it hurts. The toe actually looks worse in person than it does in these pictures.)

So, once again, the point is Listen to your Mom!!! Keep your shoes on outside and don't play with rocks/bricks!


rubyjade said...

Oh ouch!! I hate the days where EVERYTHING seems to happen! Since they seemed to have gotten it out of their systems, maybe nothing exciting will happen for a few weeks. Or days.

Stacey said...

Yeah I can only hope, but it seems like they plot against me sometimes, lol.


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