Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hot Cheetos and Scary Teeth

Wow, two posts in one day!! The blog gods are smiling down upon us :) I wanted to post these videos real quick so Carlos could see them at work. I know, I know he could wait until he got home but I had share the hilarity RIGHT NOW, lol.

Lexi freaking out when CJ tries on some plastic vampire teeth

And here is when CJ decided to offer a hot Cheetos Fry to Elli, poor baby, lol.

Oh and side note, it is seriously annoying how long it takes blogger to process the videos, sheesh.

Googley Eyes and Cool, Cool Water

Is it weird/sad that someone found me by googling "diaper pull-up"? Yeah, I thought so too...

On a different note, summer is fully here in all its skin-frying-brain-melting-make-you-want-to-crawl-into-your-freezer-naked glory and here's some pics to enjoy. I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of this in the next couple of months.

(Oh my gosh I just realized that in this picture it looks like I have a horribly fat saggy upper arm, I PROMISE you that it is just distorted because of the water. Barf. Oh wait, I figured it out, that is my knee that looks like it is part of my arm, which looks disgusting, lol.)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh no I've been *gasp* Tagged!

Thanks a lot Ruby!! These things make me feel queasy. I like reading other people's but to fill out my own, oy, it's like pulling teeth. But just for you :)


A. Post the rules

B. Answer all the questions about yourself

C. After you are done posting, tag 5 people

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

~Almost exactly 10 years ago on April 20th, 1998 my cousin, who also happened to be my best friend's boyfriend, died in a car crash on his way to Phoenix. She was devastated as were we all and it is interesting to me now to see how we all dealt with a tragedy like that for the first time in our lives.

When someone young is taken unexpected like that it tends to shake up even the most stoic of people and it did shake up our little town. I think what affected people even more was the parallel between his and his father's death when he was just a little boy. His father was killed in a car crash on May 10th, 1983, almost exactly 15 years earlier. What also had people talking was what seemed to be odd behavior from Chad weeks before he died that led people to think that maybe he knew he wouldn't be around for much longer. He started giving away his things, things he enjoyed most like his cd's and clothes. He left a note for Melanie, my best friend, saying goodbye and that he loved her. And he always said that he was going to die young. In his bag that he packed to take for the trip there was only socks and a few other odd things in there, not at all like he had packed for a couple days trip. Oh and he had his dad's ID on him, definitely some strange stuff.

He wasn't the driver, he was a passenger in a little truck that went off the shoulder and flipped a couple of times. His funeral was one of the biggest that I've ever been to. It was difficult wading through those emotions while trying to be there for my best friend who felt like her life was over as well. We were only 15/16 years old and you know how angst ridden those years are anyway. Melanie moved away after that school year and we kept in touch but not as well as we should have. I still consider her a best friend. It's funny how you can talk to someone maybe once, twice a year and it feels like nothing has changed between you. I need to call her...

2. Five things on your to do list today.

~Climb and conquer that mountain of laundry, both dirty and clean (I hate folding and putting away).

~Figure out what to feed the black holes that my kids have turned into, it appears we are in the midst of another growth spurt. All I've heard today is "Mommy I'm hungry" a million times and often they are saying it 2 minutes after being served a 5 course meal.

~Hang up the picture frames and cute little chalkboard thingy I got from Ikea yesterday. I love Ikea!!

~Finish this dang post.

~Clean out the crabitat. Crabs do poop dontcha know. They poop in their shells and then after it builds up a bit they scoop it out in one place and it looks like little black worms. Gross!!

3. 5 snacks you enjoy.

Only five?!? Let's see...

~Nutter Butter cookies and milk.
~Cinnamon toast, but only made by me.
~Quesadilla and salsa.
~Cheetos Hot Fries
~Chicken In A Biscuit crackers

Man, no wonder I'm a heifer, lol.

4. What would you do if you suddenly became a millionaire?

~Well first thing probably pay tithing on that million, can you imagine that tithing check? Wowza!!
~Pay off house and debt.
~Help our parents get out of debt.
~Get a good food storage for us and all of our family.
~Take a good vacation!!

5. 3 bad habits:

~I don't like putting lotion on so my feet are horribly dry and cracked and then I pick at them, gross I know.

~Picking at my lips.

~Putting the milk jug back in the fridge with like a teaspoon of milk left so someone else has to throw it away which is so stupid because no one else really drinks milk in my house except for the kids and I'm the one pouring their milk so it is still me who throws it away. (HOLY RUN ON SENTENCE BATMAN!!) I'm only prolonging the inevitable, you'd think I'd learn. It must be a habit leftover from living at home with two sisters who drank as much milk as I did, lol.

6. 5 places I've lived:

~Ramah, NM
~Roswell, NM (Hey, no alien jokes. They're watching us...waiting...with their anal probes :-0 )
~Thatcher, AZ
~Mesa, AZ
~Gilbert, AZ

7. 5 jobs I've had:

~Rural Route Mail Carrier for USPS

~Sonic carhop. Yes, I roller bladed. No, I never biffed it although I did one time get a rock stuck in between the wheels which made me lurch forward and the ice cream sundae that I was taking out to a car went flying right onto the hood of the car I was taking it to. I still got a good tip because they were laughing pretty hard and said I was good entertainment, ha!

~Lowest runt on the totem pole at this weird spa/massage/piercing/tanning/smoothie/women's only exercise shop. It really was a weird job and my boss was seriously psycho with a capitol P who I also suspect was secretly lesbian (even though married) or a swinger or some weird crap like that. Yeah, not the greatest job but definitely interesting.

~Habilitation/Respite provider for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

~Supervisor at center for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

8. 5 things people don't know about me:

~Every night before I go to bed I have to play Solitaire on my cell phone until I win or else I can't fall asleep. Obsessive compulsive, I know.

~I have a certain order and place for how I load my dishwasher and it drives me nuts when someone doesn't do it my way. I won't say anything out loud but know that I'm cursing you in my head.

~My ultimate dream job would be to be a doctor in a hospital, preferably NICU. I may someday go to nursing school and become a NICU nurse because although I would love to be a doctor, I wouldn't love all the years of schooling and the long crazy hours and I think nursing would be a good second. I love my family and my time with them more than I would love being a doctor.

~I don't like my ears, hated them when I was younger but have come to peace with them now. When I was younger I would day dream about having the surgery to have them pinned back. I really hope my kids don't inherit my ears but if they do I hope they don't have the issues that I had with mine. I played basketball from elementary school through my senior year and I never wore my hair in a pony tail until my junior year because I was so self conscious about them. I guess I thought trying to play with hair in my face was better than exposing my ears. I look back now and realize how silly that was.

~Remember I said I lived in Roswell...well, they aren't little and they aren't green! Ha, ha, just joking but I can't think of another so this'll have to do.

Okay, now that that's over with, I tag Whitney, Sonnet, Kate, Nurse Heidi, and Donna!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There's No Place Like Home...

We took a trip last weekend to my hometown in New Mexico. It was the first time we had been back since July of last year due to me being heavy with child (that's putting it nicely) and then having a newborn so it was a long overdue trip and we had a ton of fun. It was even more fun because my little sis Whitney and her husband Bryce went down as well. We had a picnic and went shooting on Saturday which was surprisingly really fun. I say surprisingly because guns make me nervous and feel like I need to poop myself, lol. I restrained myself from soiling my pants and actually turned out to be a pretty good shot. Beat the boys a few times too, ha! Here are some pics and videos:

(Bryce shooting his gun and Lexi freaking out in the background because of the boom boom boom as she puts it. Oh and I'm pretty sure she did soil her pants. I'm passing the torch er toilet paper on.)

(Here is Lexi freaking out in the back of the truck while Carlos shoots the gun. This was their first exposure to guns and gunfire. We kept the kids in the back of the truck or in the truck the entire time the guns were out, remember guns make me nervous, lol.)

(They all have jackets on because Northern New Mexico is colder than Arizona. Dang it, I thought we were done with jackets and long pants for a while.)

(Elli was nice and cozy in her stroller. It has this mesh thingy that you can pull down in front and attach to the tray. I love that feature, keeps the bugs and other undesirables (like strangers trying to touch her hands and face, blech) from getting to my baby.)

Later we went and fed my dad's horse. Here's the video of them "helping" Grandpa feed Chisum (the name of the horse). It was pretty funny when Chisum chuffed at the kids and scared them. CJ totally had horse snot all over his forehead. Makes me laugh still and I've watched the video probably 15 times. Oh and notice how they run straight to Grandma, completely bypassing me and ignoring Carlos. When my parents or Carlos' parents are around we are invisible to the kids. Nice to feel loved and appreciated ;)

Overall a great trip and I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I walked into the living room to find my beautiful six month old sucking on her three year old brother's big toe...Ewwww. When she sucks on her own toes, adorable. When she sucks on her big bro's toes after he's been playing outside barefoot, atrocious.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Thursday

So here are some random pics to go with some random stories. These first pics are of my very talented 3 year old Lexi's drawings that she surprised me with the other day. I had no idea she could make stick figures as all the other art work she had shown me previously had been blobs and scribbles and I was a little giddy with excitement when she showed me. Now I know what you are thinking "but they are stick figures" while you scratch your head in confusion. I know I know, she's no Monet or Van Gogh but darn it this is priceless art to me so leave me alone while I puff my chest out in pride.

(This one is apparently me as Lexi informed me. I'm bald and skinnier in the drawing than I am in person but otherwise it's a pretty good likeness)

(This is her Aunt Whitney and Uncle Bryce. I labeled the pictures not Lexi lest you think I've really got a genius on my hands. And she may be a little gender confused as it somewhat looks like Whitney has the boy parts and Bryce doesn't, we'll save that talk for when she's a little older. Oh and they got hair, I'm a little jealous)


Alrighty here's the story and pics of why my son, CJ, is now afraid to enter his room alone and is convinced that there is an airplane in his room.

The other day, can't remember what day now mommy brain you know, but the day I posted about *here* was a very long day and the kids got into infinite amounts of trouble. Well, towards the end of that brain-splitting day I sent the kids to their room while I tried to nurse Elli in peace. When done feeding her I noticed they were a little too quiet and that always means trouble.

I open their door to check on them and my nose is hit with the nose-hair curling smell of poo. Great. I peek in and CJ and Lexi are no where to be seen (which means they are in their closet with the door closed) but I do spot their pull-ups on their beds. Oh goody, that means they've stripped naked and one of them was poopy and has probably now smeared poop who knows where.

Well, when trying to get the door opened wider I am met with resistance because they have every dang toy out of the toy box and on the floor in front of the door and one of the black plastic crates that Lexi was climbing on earlier is on the other side of the door. I get the door opened a little wider and grab the crate and fling it to the side where it has an unfortunate confrontation with the wall. Well, the crate won as you can tell in this picture.
The kids hear the crash and open the closet doors and peer out to see what the ruckus is. Now I'm fuming because not only am I going to have to clean up poo where poo has no right being but I'm going to have to explain to Carlos why there is a hole in the wall. Great, this day has just gotten so much better I think I'm going to pee my pants.

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase, it was CJ who was poopy but by some impossible chance all the poo stayed in the pull-up when he took it off and I didn't have to clean up any, yay!! I did however, still have to go through every single freaking item in their room to make sure there wasn't any toddler feces contaminating it. So I tossed the kids into the bath (not literally tossed jeez) and commenced cleaning their room. It wasn't until the next day that I realized CJ was now afraid to enter his room. I asked him to explain and the best I can understand is "airwpwane" and "hwole" which with my superior translating skills as a mother I understand him to mean that he thinks there must be an airplane somewhere in his room just waiting to dive bomb his head just like it dive bombed the wall and made the hole. I have no idea where he would even get that but there you go.

(Here's my trailer trash decor that I'm temporarily using to cover up the hole hoping that CJ will forget the hole is even there. Those are the fine workings of art that my preschoolers have brought home from school and duct tape. I know you are so jealous.)

(And the winner in Wall vs. Crate.....Black Plastic Crate!!!!!)


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