Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Thursday

So here are some random pics to go with some random stories. These first pics are of my very talented 3 year old Lexi's drawings that she surprised me with the other day. I had no idea she could make stick figures as all the other art work she had shown me previously had been blobs and scribbles and I was a little giddy with excitement when she showed me. Now I know what you are thinking "but they are stick figures" while you scratch your head in confusion. I know I know, she's no Monet or Van Gogh but darn it this is priceless art to me so leave me alone while I puff my chest out in pride.

(This one is apparently me as Lexi informed me. I'm bald and skinnier in the drawing than I am in person but otherwise it's a pretty good likeness)

(This is her Aunt Whitney and Uncle Bryce. I labeled the pictures not Lexi lest you think I've really got a genius on my hands. And she may be a little gender confused as it somewhat looks like Whitney has the boy parts and Bryce doesn't, we'll save that talk for when she's a little older. Oh and they got hair, I'm a little jealous)


Alrighty here's the story and pics of why my son, CJ, is now afraid to enter his room alone and is convinced that there is an airplane in his room.

The other day, can't remember what day now mommy brain you know, but the day I posted about *here* was a very long day and the kids got into infinite amounts of trouble. Well, towards the end of that brain-splitting day I sent the kids to their room while I tried to nurse Elli in peace. When done feeding her I noticed they were a little too quiet and that always means trouble.

I open their door to check on them and my nose is hit with the nose-hair curling smell of poo. Great. I peek in and CJ and Lexi are no where to be seen (which means they are in their closet with the door closed) but I do spot their pull-ups on their beds. Oh goody, that means they've stripped naked and one of them was poopy and has probably now smeared poop who knows where.

Well, when trying to get the door opened wider I am met with resistance because they have every dang toy out of the toy box and on the floor in front of the door and one of the black plastic crates that Lexi was climbing on earlier is on the other side of the door. I get the door opened a little wider and grab the crate and fling it to the side where it has an unfortunate confrontation with the wall. Well, the crate won as you can tell in this picture.
The kids hear the crash and open the closet doors and peer out to see what the ruckus is. Now I'm fuming because not only am I going to have to clean up poo where poo has no right being but I'm going to have to explain to Carlos why there is a hole in the wall. Great, this day has just gotten so much better I think I'm going to pee my pants.

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase, it was CJ who was poopy but by some impossible chance all the poo stayed in the pull-up when he took it off and I didn't have to clean up any, yay!! I did however, still have to go through every single freaking item in their room to make sure there wasn't any toddler feces contaminating it. So I tossed the kids into the bath (not literally tossed jeez) and commenced cleaning their room. It wasn't until the next day that I realized CJ was now afraid to enter his room. I asked him to explain and the best I can understand is "airwpwane" and "hwole" which with my superior translating skills as a mother I understand him to mean that he thinks there must be an airplane somewhere in his room just waiting to dive bomb his head just like it dive bombed the wall and made the hole. I have no idea where he would even get that but there you go.

(Here's my trailer trash decor that I'm temporarily using to cover up the hole hoping that CJ will forget the hole is even there. Those are the fine workings of art that my preschoolers have brought home from school and duct tape. I know you are so jealous.)

(And the winner in Wall vs. Crate.....Black Plastic Crate!!!!!)


Kate said...

Hysterical! And your comment was too! Heee!

rubyjade said...

I love the duct tape art, and your little Lexi draws better than I do!

Jeff & Sonnet Boulton said...

holy cow. thanks so much for posting great days like that. It makes us other moms with crazy toddlers feel normal and get a good laugh in!


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