Monday, June 2, 2008

Graduations and Business Awards

Sorry I've been away y'all. Since when did I start saying y'all? I guess I'm channeling my inner Britney. We've all got a little white trash in us you know. Don't deny it, you do. Anyway, some busy happenings have been going on the last couple of weeks. CJ and Lexi's preschool graduation, which really wasn't their graduation because they'll be back next year but anyway, they're three, they don't care, and they look so cute.

(CJ and Lexi with their teachers)

(They look absolutely thrilled don't they)

(Wrestling on the grass outside of the school)

(CJ trying to give Lexi a kiss)

(Elli's mobile now dang it. She's better backwards than forward but mobile nonetheless and she got herself wedged between the tv and the entertainment center. And no this isn't an ad placement for AT&T but it should be. Where's my money AT&T?!?)

(And a close up just because she's so dang cute!)


My sis-in-law Becky also graduated this month, from highschool though, not preschool ha ha. CONGRATULATIONS BECKY!!! And in the fall she's going to be attending ASU's Pre-medical program. We are so proud of her!! I'm excited because she's going to be living with us so I have a built in babysitter. LOL, just kidding Becky! You know I don't mean that (crosses fingers behind back). But like I said we are super proud of her and can't wait for her to get her degree so she can support all our lazy butts :)


Last Thursday night Carlos and I had the opportunity to go to a fancy smancy awards ceremony at the *ahem* Ritz Carlton because the company that he works for was being honored by Arizona Business Magazine with one of the Arizona FAST 15 Awards. It was a lot of fun and the food was mostly good, they had some sort of thinly sliced steak that still had horns and mooed occasionally (meaning rare, yuck). We totally felt out of place with all those rich folk but had a good time anyway. I'm so proud of Carlos and the other people at Guthrie Mainstream Services because they truly deserved that award for all their hard work and dedication. Way to go guys!!!

(Andrew, Carlos, and Terrence. What a hot group of guys!! With the hottest being Carlos of course!! Oh and that is Terry on the left side of the pic, I didn't mean to cut her halfway out of the pic, she should have either been completely in or out of the pic, sorry, but I was a little woozy after my $5 Coca-cola. At least I like to think there was a little something extra there because I mean, jeez, it was $5 for 8oz of Coke.)

(Terry, the owner of GMS, holding the plaque she was awarded with.)

(Carlos and I holding the plaque)

(And here we are at home afterwards, he was dead tired and glad to be home)

(And here I am eating a Sonic grilled cheese because you know I didn't eat any of that steak, lol. And I'm channeling Miley Cyrus in this pic, like I said we all have a little white trash in us, apparently today, I have a lot.)


Kate said...

Wow, I felt like I was watching the Grammys with all those awards. Except none of you were singing. Well at least not that I could tell.

Mmmmm. Sonic. That reminds me, happy hour just started.

Stacey said...

Oh there was some singing, but it was in the car and it was off-key and wonderful all at once!

Brits said...

You should seriously get one! (A wii, that is...I'm referencing your comment on my blog). It's cheaper than a gym, and SO MUCH FUN!

rubyjade said...

Your kids are the cutest stinking things! Well, they probably don't stink, but saying "stinking" adds to the effect. Or, at least I thought it did.

Great pics, and how cool to attend a fancy-shmancy adult night out!

Kate said...

Oh, it was JUST like the Grammys.

P.S. I might be an idiot but what's a micropreemie. I probably could Google it but this is more fun. Like a pop quiz.

Stacey said...

Thanks Ruby, but yeah, they actually do stink a lot of the time. I can't explain the stinky toddler smell kids get when they've been playing outside and get all sweaty but it's seriously gross!

Kate, Lol about the Grammys!

A micropreemie is a baby that is born really early, generally before 26-28 weeks gestation. CJ and Lexi were born at 26 weeks 5 days and weighed 2lbs 7oz and 2lbs 1oz respectively. Billie, the lady whose blog I have linked, has twin daughters who were born at 24 weeks gestation and both weighed under 2lbs. CJ and Lexi really are my miracle babies and I'm so thankful everyday (well maybe not everyday) that they can do the things they do and get into the mischief they do. Oh and don't feel like an idiot, I truly didn't know that babies could be born so early and little and still survive until I had CJ and Lexi. The NICU experience really is a whole other world that you don't realize exists until you go through it. Hmm, I should probably write a blog about this rather than writing it all up in the comment section, lol, this could get long. But please feel free to ask any questions, I enjoy talking about it now that we are past all the scary life and death stuff.

Kate said...

Wow Stacey. I actually encountered the term micropreemie somewhere else today. Can't remember where. It is a whole world I'm just not aware of. Scary stuff and I'm glad you have your crazy twins, cuz man, they're super cute.


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