Monday, June 29, 2009

Translation Please...


Hotgod (this one sounds a little blasphemous or irreverent)

Libble litt

Back cack


Any clues? No? Okay, since I have superior lingual skills I'll translate for you...


Hot dog

Little bit

Back pack


All words that I regularly hear from my kids. Well, except for libble lit. CJ no longer says it that way, he now says it the right way and it made me so sad the first time he said it correctly.

And now for a musical bonus. What song is this?

"Harry had a little man, little man, little man"

That's right folks, Mary had a Little Lamb with a twist sung by none other Lexi!!!


Lacey said...

I got them all right!! Six years working with speech delays really paid off for me! :P Although, I wouldn't call that delayed, I'd call it adorably age-appropriate! Have you read my "women pee" yet? :P

Stacey said...

10 points for Lacey!! Darn, I should have a prize or something.

I'll hop over to read your women pee story, I don't know if I should be scared or intrigued, lol.

Marla said...

LOL I got most of them right. Ha ha!! My kid says things like that also!

Robin Venable said...

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