Monday, April 26, 2010

Vomitus Maximus: Part II

I answer and sure enough Becky informs me that Lexi just made a mess of the bed she was sleeping in as well as leaving a trail down the hall. Again, lovely. I tell her I'll be right there but she offers to drive Lexi to me instead. What an angel Becky is, I truly mean this, it was 2:45 am at this point. We hang up and I go to the livingroom to wait. After about a minute I call Becky and tell her to just bring CJ as well because he'll likely be next. They arrive roughly 10 minutes later. I hug Becky and thank her sincerely and we get the kids in the house. Lexi begins retching. Luckily, I am prepared with a bowl!! Ha ha, no mess this time evil flu virus!! After this episode I get Lexi settled in the VRB and assess CJ. He tells me his stomach feels fine and I believe him. I set him up in bed with Carlos. With a towel underneath and a bowl just in case.

As the night gets closer to morning Lexi gets sick a few more times and each time disaster is averted with the trusty bowls I so carefully placed next to each sick child. After each occurance I swap a clean bowl for the dirty one and empty and thoroughly clean and dry the used bowl and place it ready for the next swap. I had 4 bowls that were being rotated, one next to each child and the spare to swap in and out. It worked beautifully and no towels were soiled in this business of being sick.

Flash forward to 6am and CJ slips into our room and wakes me with "Mommy, my tummy hurts." He then kneels down, cups his hands over his mouth, and starts to heave. I grab the nearest bowl and manage to catch, again, roughly 99% of the expelled stomach contents. The other 1% being on the wrist of his long sleeved shirt. Once he's done, he gets cleaned up, clothes changed, and set up in the VRB. So, now we have 2 five year olds, 1 two year old, and 1 very tired 28 year old in a full sized bed loaded with towels. And where is Carlos you ask? Oh comfortably sleeping in our king sized bed and blissfully unaware of the scenes that have unfolded that night. Oh so wrong, I know. I'm not bitter though, not much anyway.

At around 9am I kick Carlos out of our bed and tell him to move into Lexi's room, I'm setting up the VRB in the king bed. He obliges and I set up the room and bed. CJ and Lexi are still in the middle of the muck but Elli seems to be doing a whole lot better at this point and is very playful. Carlos decides to take Elli and go to his parents house to keep her out of my hair as I tend to the twins. Overall, it worked well. The kids slept most of the day away when they weren't experiencing tummy tsunamis and so I was able to recoup some of my lost sleep. The dvd player played a steady stream of all the Shrek movies, Little Mermaid, Cars, Up, The Jungle Book 2, etc. I could probably recite the Shrek movies from memory now, we watched them so. many. times. this. weekend. Again, no bitterness, I promise.

Towards late evening, I called Carlos and told him that he and Elli should just stay the night at his parents'. It would be easier that way. She had felt fine all day, playing and eating as normal. He agreed and we said goodnight. CJ and Lexi fall asleep early which is unusual especially with all the sleep they had that day. They were really sick. I fall asleep early, once again a semi sleep, my hyper vigilant vomit detecting mode still in full effect, although not needed that night. I get awakened by my cell phone again at 2:45am. What the heck is this?! Am I stuck in some disgusting, puke filled, Groundhog Day?!

~To Be Continued~


BryceandWhit said...

Im sorry I gave it to mom and then mom gave it to the kids...Love how you write tho ya

Stacey said...

That's right you did start this!! Oh well, I guess I can't get too upset, afterall, you went through it too and that's enough punishment.


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