Monday, February 25, 2008

Well, you gotta start somewhere...

Here's my first post on the blog and if I tried to think up some clever post to start it with I'd never post so I'm just going to jump in feet first. I'll start by introducing the little ones who make my life meaningful and also a little crazy.

Here's my little man CJ. He is such a boy in the truest sense of the word, I love it. He loves to wrestle and rough and tumble around with daddy and he doesn't know how strong he is sometimes. He also loves getting good and dirty playing outside, like I said a true boy.

Here's Lexi, first and foremost Daddy's Little Girl, mommy's little helper, and sometimes mommy's little headache, lol. She can be such a dainty little girl one moment and then the roughest little tomboy the next. She also has great nurturing instincts and will someday be a great mommy herself.

And our newest edition to the family, Elli (or Baby Elli as CJ and Lexi call her and every other baby they see). She is such a good, fun baby. She is already such a little social girl talking and smiling to pretty much anyone. She has definitely added so much joy to our already happy family.

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