Monday, February 25, 2008

This Is Why You Should Listen To Mom

Here's a good example of why it might be a good idea to listen to your mom when she's trying to get you to do or not do something. In this case it was me trying to get the twins to stop climbing on the coffee table. I was nursing Elli in the other room so my attempts were limited to asking them to stop from the couch (okay, so I was yelling) and of course my children were suddenly struck deaf, well that or they were *gasp* not listening to me.

So, after about a minute of yelling at them to quit messing around and get off the table I hear Lexi start crying. And it is one of those ouchie cries, you know the cry that makes a mother's heart stop for a second because she knows her baby is hurt. Well, I jump up with Elli still attached to the boob (can't interrupt her when she's eating dontcha know) and Lexi is coming to me with her hands covering her mouth. So I pick her up (yes Elli is still eating - Go Me!!!) and set her on the counter by the sink and start cleaning her up. She had fallen on the coffee table and caught herself with, well, her face - ouch - and cut her lip with her tooth and cut up her gums.

Anyway, it wasn't too bad, and by that I mean she didn't need stitches, but it was still a little traumatic for all involved except for Elli of course who was still happily eating through most of it. Both Lexi and CJ freaked a little when they saw the blood and surprisingly I stayed calm even though in previous instances when blood has been involved with one of my kids getting hurt I freaked too. Maybe because Carlos wasn't home and I had to be calm, I don't know, but the point is: Listen to your mom!!!

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