Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, we had a crappy Easter...Literally :(

So, Easter morning started early. At around 5 am to be exact. We were woken up by Lexi's blood curdling scream (can blood really curdle? Gross) and I jump up out of bed and run to her room. Carlos's parents were here for the weekend and his mom had already beaten me to their room. Lexi is still screaming so as I'm trying to turn on the light I tell her to be quiet and I can't help but notice this horrible smell. Well, I get the light on and yep, you guessed it, diarrhea all over her and her bed. Now she isn't potty trained yet so she was wearing a pull-up and there was so much poo that it couldn't all be contained by her pull-up. So into the bath she goes and into the washer goes all the bed stuff. Hilda bathed her while I got the laundry started, I just love it when grandparents are here. It means I get help with the icky stuff like diapers and sickies. You know the stuff that has the dads gagging/retching and unable to help. Yeah, grandmas are really good at that stuff.

Anyway, we get her cleaned up and new stuff on the bed and put her back to bed. Oh and through all of this CJ is just laying in bed watching all of it. Thank goodness he didn't decide to help that would have most definitely made the mess worse. So, with them tucked back in we go back to bed. A couple of hours later we are getting up for the day and Hilda tells me that Lexi had had another pretty yucky diaper. Great, so we decide to stay home from church. Can't have her getting nasty liquid fecal matter all over her pretty new Easter dress and I guess I didn't want to expose all the other kiddies at church to whatever is making her sick. I was pretty grumpy at this point because I was really looking forward to going to church and was craving a spiritually fulfilling day. Oh well, next week I guess and we'll wear our nice Easter outfits then.

We get the car packed up and head over to Tio Rudy's because Carlos's parents hadn't seen Rudy's new place yet. So we had a pretty good time there. We barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs and then had an Easter egg hunt with the kids. Then we took pictures with the family and as it turns out maybe I did end up getting my spiritual day afterall. In several of the photos there were orbs in the photos. Maybe it was just dust particles or maybe it was really my grandparents or some of Carlos's family that has passed on. There was a pretty good feeling in Rudy's house that day and I prefer to think the orbs were my Grandma Maxine and Grandpa Vance.

(Look for the orbs in these next pictures. There were orbs in more than just these pictures but I didn't want to post them all.)

As we are getting ready to leave Lexi needs to be changed, pull-up and clothes, ugh. We get home, put the kids down for a nap, and then we relax. After the kids wake up they seem to be feeling alright so I let them play outside with their new sand toys they got for Easter. Well, about 20 minutes goes by and Lexi comes in saying "Mommy, brother poopoo. Brother poopoo shoe." I run outside and CJ is sitting at the little picnic table and sure enough there is poo running down his legs into and on his shoe. Ewwww. So I pick him up and take him into the bath to undress him there. His pull-up was full of poo from front to back and there was seriously probably about half as much poo in his pant leg. Dis-gust-ing!! So, I rinse his clothes out and rinse him off. Bathe him and then bathe him again for good measure. Get him out for Carlos to get him dressed. Then I proceed to scrub the bath with Soft Scrub with Bleach. The bath got a good scrubbing and then Lexi needed a bath because she was playing with their new sidewalk chalk and it was all over her clothes and face. Hey, at least it wasn't poo.

They were bathed, dressed, fed and tucked into bed. Man that was a lot of poo for one day!! I'm so hoping for a better day on Monday.

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