Friday, April 18, 2008

I've Got Crabs!!!

Okay, not those kind of crabs (you pervs), these kinds of crabs:

(Oscar climbing the branch)

(Spidey climbing the branch)

(Oscar and Spidey)

(Oscar hiding in the half-log hidey)

(The Crabitat)

(Spidey and Oscar)
They were an impulse buy two weeks ago. We were at the mall and they were selling hermit crabs at this little kiosk so I let CJ and Lexi each pic one out. CJ picked one with the spiderman shell (Spidey) and Lexi picked one with a butterfly painted on the shell (Oscar).

Well, we get them home and I started reading up on how to care for them and discovered I needed a much bigger tank, more sand, salt and fresh water, several shells for them to change if they want, etc. So my mom and I went to the nearest Petco and loaded up on all the supplies we needed. We set up their "crabitat" and put them in and they went crazy exploring. They loved their new home! Almost immediately Oscar changed out of the painted shell into the natural one you see in the pics and then he buried himself. I named him Oscar because he seems like a grouch and not very friendly. We named the other one Spidey for obvious reasons. He's also a little more social and curious.

I got them for the kids but I think I'm enjoying them more than they are and I can't wait to buy some more to add to the tank. Maybe I can use the excuse that Elli needs one too :P I'm going to wait a while though and make sure I don't kill them before getting more. Anyway, just wanted to show off our very first family pets!!


Kate said...

Crabitat! Hee!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I recognize your picture from bbc. Jellybean something, right? :) Your kids are so funny. I watched the crap video. Actually, my daughter made us watch it several times. They are so cute!

Stacey said...

Lol, thanks. That's funny that she wanted to watch it several times, they make me put it on for them to watch at least every other day. Yep, it's ~Jellybean~ on bbc, it used to be jellybean_twins. Your kids are so adorable. I love their names too.


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