Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mmm, does a body good in a fat kind of way

Total calories consumed today: 38,475

Oh but the banana bread was sooo yummy. No, I didn't make it myself it was given to me by my lovely visiting teachers which makes it even better because I didn't have to do the dishes afterwards, ha!

I haven't eaten the whole loaf (yet) and I'm already having the hangover and guilt (that would be my belly hanging over my pants). Anyway, I'm sure I'll finish the loaf sometime today and sorry Carlos, if you are reading this and get home and it's gone, I'll try to save you some crumbs. Oh and that earthquake tremor that was just felt over in California, yeah, that was me walking across the house to get another piece :0 No shame, no shame at all!!

P.S. I am sharing the banana bread (or banana cake as they are calling it) with CJ and Lexi, so there, I'm not being a completely selfish glutton.

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