Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wannabe Swingers

Hmm, what do you think they are trying to tell us? Maybe that we need to put up their swings that we've had for oh, around a year and a half! Yeah, we are procrastinators. We're so good at it we could teach a class but then we wouldn't even start to prepare for the class until like 10 minutes after it is supposed to start and it would be postponed and we wouldn't get around to actually teaching for like 3 months. True blue procrastinators I tell ya. So, I guess we might have a project this weekend so they can actually use the swings before they outgrow them.


Amy said...

Are the swings up yet?

From one procrastinator to another - Love ya Stace

Stacey said...

Uhhh, no. Dang it, why you gotta make me accountable and stuff. I don't like this feeling.

Kate said...

Now I'm a faithful reader! Can I sign up for your procrastination class? I might be a few minutes late.

Oh, prettykatemachine, in case you didn't know that much about me. I don't post much.

Stacey said...

Hey Kate!! Yeah, I know who you are, I think you post more than I do. Yay, a faithful reader. Well that's good because I've become a faithful reader of your blog, I think you're funny! Oh and you can totally sign up for the class but I'll have to get around to making the registration forms and who knows when that'll be ;)

Kate said...

:) So funny!


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