Saturday, June 14, 2008

To the Best Daddy in the World

Hey Dad, since we couldn't be with you on Father's Day I thought I'd write a post for you. Everyone else, feel free to ignore this but you'll miss out on me bragging about the best dad a girl could ask for, and that would be tragic.

I was thinking today on how I could make up for not sending you a gift or being there with you today. I wanted to do more than just a phone call. It seemed insufficient to express my love and gratitude for you. And in thinking I started reminiscing on my childhood. I started to think of how you would tickle me and hold me down until I was so mad I was crying, but it's so funny to think back to it now. I remember you swinging me around by my feet and hands and how much fun it was for me but how Whitney was scared to death of it.

I remember moving to Roswell in the summer before 1st grade and how you told us of the nice tan house we were going to live in, and well, it was really pink but you thought it was tan because of your color blindness.

I think of the family trips we took, to Disney Land in the RV where we stayed at the Disney Campground. And the trip to Idaho where we camped out for two weeks and had a blast with the wave runners. Oh and do you remember seeing the moose and you got out of the truck and I totally thought you were going to get chased by the moose but you didn't, thank goodness!

I remember when I was a teenager and gave you more headaches than you or I care to remember you still supported me in my endeavors and went to nearly all my basketball games and how you came to my practices and helped me work on my shot. You know people always told me I had a shot better than most of the boys and I know it's because of your help. You gave me my love for basketball.

I remember my first car that you got me after I graduated, that teeny tiny Geo Metro. Man I loved that car and I'd sure like it now with the gas mileage it got! I remember you teaching me how to drive a stick shift in the mail truck and how easy the Geo seemed compared to that truck. I remember your advice about driving and how I need to "drive for everyone else on the road-be a defensive driver!"

I remember all the love and support you gave and continue to give me. I'm so thankful you are my daddy and even more thankful that you are the grandpa to my kids. You've changed from a loving, somewhat stern dad to a loving, complete teddybear of a grandpa and my kids love you so much. I couldn't ask for anything more. So thank you Dad and know that I love you and miss you everyday and thank Heavenly Father everyday for sending me to you. I love you Dad and Happy Father's Day!!!
Oh and I'm thoroughly annoyed that I couldn't get anymore pictures on here. I tried messing with my scanner for over an hour and a half and couldn't ever get it to work otherwise there would've been a bigger variety of pics, sorry :( I was really bummed. Love you Dad!


Jeff & Tenille said...

Dads are the best!!! I love the post about him. I remember going to Idaho and cruizin on some wave runners also. I think it was like 10 years ago. Are we thinkin about the same trip?? If so it was definitely super fun. We all need to go again.....

rubyjade said...

What a great post Stacey. I loved reading more about you, and how you appreciate your dad! I think a tribute like that is a great gift, and probably the best kind.


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